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Our Story

FS Invest is the official student-run investment club of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Established in early 2012, we aim to create a forum for rich dialogue and debate between high achieving and ambitious Frankfurt School students and the leading financial industry experts.

Who We Are

As an FS Invest member, you can actively engage in one of our departments: Equity, Fixed Income, Private Capital or M&A.

The Investment Management divisions contribute to our inhouse multi-asset portfolio through research, backtesting, and pitches in front of our investment board.

In the M&A department, you are engaged in the process of reviewing and analysing the most recent and prominent M&A deals. You thereby will be exposed to hands-on knowledge, and also a platform to present your skills via your created reports.

We also provide our members with numerous events, workshops, office visits, and networking opportunities with first-class global financial institutions – not only in Frankfurt – but also at our annual London Banking Trip.

Our Vision

By providing in-depth and hands-on knowledge and using our far-reaching network, we strive to connect the most ambitious and passionate members of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with the financial industry. FS Invest supports members along their way towards a successful career in both Investment Management and Investment Banking Divisions.

Our Departments


Our Equity Department focuses on equities and pitches on individual stocks and companies. Equity analysts research within all sectors and are responsible for building a well-performing stock portfolio while carefully managing risk and return.

Fixed Income

In our Fixed Income Department, we discuss investment ideas regarding fixed-income products of all types as well as analyse the current market environment from a macroeconomic point of view.


Within our Mergers and Acquisitions Department, we focus on current Merger activity, valuation modelling and case studies replicating the business.


Our Organisation Department focuses on the relationships to our partners and further national and international leaders of the financial industry. They plan office visits, lectures and presentations as well as our annual London Banking Trip.

Investment Board

The FS Invest Investment Board is our final investment decision entity. Experienced members weigh in on stock pitches and investment ideas to ensure a thorough and balanced investment process.


Marco Winter Former Head of FS Invest
Max Nolten Former Co-Head of Equity
Nadine Reinhart Former Head of Equity Department
Philip Cuprina Former Head of FS Invest


At FS Invest, we are proud to have many alumni in all areas of the financial industry all over the world. With our Alumni network, we bring former members together and hope to enhance the intellectual discourse between multiple age groups and different parts of the industry.

The Bull Event Series

With our annual “The Bull” Events, we try to offer a comforting environment for our alumni to delve deeper into current topics and share their opinions over food and drinks at locations in Frankfurt and, prospectively, London.


FS Invest highly values the experiences of former student members and therefore offers and engages alumni to share their lessons and industry expertise with current FS Invest members and all Frankfurt School students. We are always in contact with our alumni and it is our goal to keep adding value to their professional lives.


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Adickesalle 32 – 34
60322 Frankfurt am Main

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