The Frankfurt School Business Forum is an annual student-organised, economically and politically oriented congress held at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. We aim to connect students and professionals to provide insights into current and future economic challenges.

Our diverse programme includes panel discussions and speeches by specialists and executives from various sectors, as well as workshops held by industry leaders. Participants benefit from opportunities for personal and academic development and the chance to build and expand their network.

FS Business Forum 2021

New beginnings – Time to shape Europe’s golden decade.






Hours Online Forum


Dirk Schmitz: Talking about BlackRock in times of Covid-19 and giving insights into his career and life as CEO of BlackRock Asset Management Germany

Speeches, Roundtables, etc.

Consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the financial sector | Implementation of ESG | Careers into c-level positions

FS Business Forum 2020

Think Sustainability.
Rethink the Status Quo.

The world’s economies have been facing several serious challenges that cause severe friction among various states. Economic crises, ongoing digitalisation and rising populism, require our attention and force institutions, companies and employees to adapt.