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FS Economy & Politics is an initiative that wants to encourage FS Students to think outside the box by debating current political and macroeconomic issues. Our initiative thus provides a platform for FS Students to broaden their horizons. Our events range from small get-togethers with our members to big speeches as well as panel discussions with known politicians and economists. We encourage all students of Frankfurt School to join our events as they are an opportunity for a vivid exchange of political views.

Sarah Ziller

Head of FS Economy & Politics

“FS Economy & Politics provides a unique platform for students to discuss political as well as economic issues. Together with our members we continuously work to promote a vivid exchange between students and well-known decision-makers.”

Konstantin Keck

Head of FS Economy & Politics

“Apart from our big events with leading figures, it is our members that make FS Economy & Politics more than just a student initiative. Together, we discuss current topics in politics as well as economics that go beyond the usual scope in university life. Our exchanges inspire and motivate us to continue organizing even more outstanding events in the future.”

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The Speeches department is responsible for the organization of speeches as well as disputations by well-known political or economic decision-makers. The events also provide the opportunity for critical discussions in form of an interactive Q&A session.


The Events Department organizes panel discussions on elections as well as other political and economic-related topics. Additionally, the department organizes internal events such as our General Assembly, get-togethers, excursions and trips.

International Division

The International Division focuses on events in the English language. Therefore, the department organizes speeches and panel discussions on international topics. Furthermore, the department provides political education for international students.


Welcome to FS EcoPol Journal – a new platform for open political and economic discussion about topics of global importance by the FS Economy & Politics initiative. EcoPol Journal will be open to topics ranging from climate change and ESG investments to international conflicts and human rights. Any Frankfurt School student can be an author of an EcoPol Journal article. If you would like to contribute to the EcoPol Journal, send an e-mail to ecopol_journal@fs-ecopol.de with your idea proposal.

Check out all published Journal articles here: https://blog.frankfurt-school.de/de/fslife/ecopol-journal/


05th May 2021

The former member of the executive board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret, delivered a speech on the responsibilities of central banks and offered a positive outlook for the future.

The speech was followed by a great variety of questions from the audience, covering career advice, crypto currencies and many more areas.

15th April 2021

Dr Peter Tauber, former State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense and former member of the German Parliament, was welcomed at Frankfurt School in April.

He gave interesting insights on his past career in the Federal Parliament as well as on the German Army and his private life. Dr Tauber emphasized the importance of equal chances in a democracy while taking the risk of failing. It was a lively discussion with our online audience.

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20th April 2021

We have one quote from each of our great panelists to remember from this exciting event with the topic “The new era of Joe Biden”:

“We need the closest exchange and conversations between friends and allies“ – Ricklef Beutin | “I would support the European army under one condition: when I am the commander“ – Ben Hodges | “I hope that the pandemic demonstrates how important free trade and globalization is“ – Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz | “Biden has to be successful in the economy in order to calm the polarization in the country“ – Elmar Theveßen

26th February 2021

Gregor Amann (SPD), Bastian Bergerhoff (Die Grünen), Patrick Schenk (AfD), Michael Müller (Die Linke), and Stephanie Wüst (FDP) joined us on Campus to discuss pressing topics in Frankfurt.

The city parliaments will be formed based on the results of the local elections, which take place in every city or district in Hesse every five years.


Lukas Stoffel Managing Director
Joy He Porfolio Manager
Marco Solleder Portfolio Manager
Juan Alleaga PR Advisor
Jana Kalthoff Investment Associate
Aida Vafaei HR Associate


The following general application period will start in early September 2022 for the winter term 2022/23. Stay tuned on Social Media to receive the latest information.


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